There is Power in Your Conversation

There are modes of conversation which are powerful, and modes which are not.  Modes which are not powerful tend to be of the reporting type, or those which relay stories.  Sometimes it is necessary to relay stories for the sake of learning mistakes, but much more frequently stories are not needed.  Storytelling, reporting, and reading of facts are all ways to be with people which give away power, and keep us from being in the moment.  By being with people as a gossiper, or someone who just relays facts, or someone who tells stories, you are often limiting yourself and giving away your power.  The best ways to be with people are when you are living in possibility and choices, and when intentions are known.

There is power in your conversation, if you choose not to give it away.  Stay away from stories and gossip as much as possible, be in the moment with your feelings. 


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