Knee-Jerk Reactions Are Never Best

Sometimes things happen and we want to respond immediately.  Maybe it’s to defend ourselves, maybe it’s to make someone else aware of something they did, maybe you just want to be heard in a certain situation, whatever the case may be we are all susceptible to knee-jerk reactions of some sort.  Today I invite you to notice that this dire need to do or say something usually says more about you than it does about anyone else involved.  If you are triggered enough by something or someone that you need to speak about it right this second, then there is likely a lesson for you to learn about yourself.  This awareness is vital for any sort of transformation.

Knee-jerk reactions are never best.  The next time you feel that you need to say something right this second, take a deep breath and distinguish what you learned about yourself in that moment.  Then, decide to be with the person or situation when you are ready to approach it without a sudden reaction.  It may seem to you like you are giving up your power by waiting, but you give up much, much more by not.


One thought on “Knee-Jerk Reactions Are Never Best

  1. A day late! Totally had this happen yesterday. Once I started focusing on myself, I started feeling better however I gave up power by saying something to who I thought needed to hear it.

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