Manifestation Works

Manifestation seems to be a frequently used word today.  As a very basic definition, it means to want something, to ask the universe for it, and then to get it.  You have probably noticed that many people regularly seem to get what they want, when they want it, and others can’t seem to catch a break.  There are a few guidelines to being in this first group.

First, find out what you really want.  Make sure you are very specific, declaring what you will do upon receiving it, and how you will feel upon receiving it.  Note that you need to distinguish what is you really want, i.e. if you are seeking a house, then your request is not for money, it is for a house.  In my opinion, the number one benefit of working with a life coach is that the reflection it comes with helps you distinguish things like this.  Your awareness will never be higher than when you work with a coach, and in the case of manifestation, this work helps you determine what your request and desire truly is.  Mixed signals to the universe do not work.

Beyond this distinguishing, the next step is you simply need to believe it is possible.  Those of us living in abundance, believing that the universe is plentiful, and having faith that things always work out, we believe this.  Those of us who are closed off, repeating past mistakes and relationships because of a belief that something more suitable is tough to find, have a much tougher time.

The final step is just to be joyful.  Every one of us would rather be with someone when they are joyful than when they are not.  While we may still be with someone apart from joy, we all have this preference.  The universe feels exactly the same way.  Come to it with joy and love, and you are much more likely to love your results.

Manifestation works.  Distinguish exactly what you want, believe it is possible, and be joy, then watch what happens.

I will close today with a story about me.  For years I have been teaching yoga.  While it’s technically a job for many, it’s fun for me, and I love bringing awareness to people in this way.  However, I wasn’t getting everything I wanted from a weekly class.  The money I made is insignificant as it is my third career, I was supporting studio owners who were consistently not acting with integrity, and the only way to get around these two issues was to run my own place, which means a lot more work and a severe restriction on my love for traveling.  So, I asked the universe for something different.  I asked to teach in an exotic location, but not just stuck in a resort.  I wanted to teach as part of a huge adventure, where yoga is not the focus but only a small part of it.  One week after leaving my weekly class behind, I met someone with whom we planned the trip to Baja that I’m about to take.  It will be kayaking, whale-watching, camping, and every day begins and ends with me teaching yoga.  I literally got exactly what I wanted, just by putting it out there that I wanted it.  Hopefully this is the start of many other such adventure trips for me, but whatever the case may be, it is a perfect example of how putting something out there to the universe tends to come back quickly and powerfully.

On that note I won’t be blogging for the next week while I’m in Baja, have a wonderful week and catch you at the start of spring!


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