Bliss Moments

We all have moments in our life where everything seems to be just perfect.  I had one last week.  It was a beautiful sunrise, water was a perfect color, yoga had led us to total relaxation, we could smell bacon being cooked for breakfast, even birds came to sit near us.  While moments like this are wonderful, they are exactly that, moments.

Find ways to do what you love, but more importantly do whatever you need to do to live in your essence.  If you choose to make your primary goal to manage everything as it happens to you, then your life becomes a series of moments.  Some moments will absolutely be great, but they don’t last long.  If instead you choose to be the driver of your life, coming from a place of love and being, then you feel much more satisfaction.  Moments instead become parts of something much greater.  From here we can look back at bliss moments and smile, knowing that many more are coming.  

Bliss moments are great.  Living in your essence is even greater.  


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