Big Change Does Not Have To Follow a Big Problem

The day before we were heading to whale camp, I was back from the kayak trip and spent significant time in the hot tub, letting my body relax after all the hard work.  Following that, I ordered an authentic Mexican drink at dinner which was very strong.  The next day I felt a lot of dizziness, clearly a product of dehydration.  We were specifically warned by the experts to be extremely hydrated while in the desert, I didn’t take it seriously enough at the time, and I paid the price.  The lesson is definitely learned for next time as a result of the dizziness, but what had me not regard the advice of the experts?

This story is relevant to many of us because almost everyone does things that work against us.  We either believe it is wrong, or we say that we would like to stop, but we don’t stop until we literally can’t afford to do it anymore.  I knew I had to be hydrated, expert guides told me so, but I didn’t take the warning seriously until I was lying down out of dizziness.  I have seen all types of habits like this, things like arriving late to work, getting insufficient sleep, nail-biting, complaining to others, texting while driving, gossiping, and thousands of others. 

If you believe that, say, texting while driving is wrong but you still do it, then I invite you to ask yourself what it would really take for you to stop.  If the ticket for getting caught was 50 million dollars instead of 50 dollars, would that threat of punishment be enough?  Or would it take a tragic accident for you to stop because the memory would stay with you?  What if there didn’t have to be a tragedy?  Today I invite you instead to consider making an empowering choice.  Think of anything you regularly do, knowing that you don’t really want to do it.  This can be anything at all.  (Post it in the comments if you’d like!)   Now, without waiting for something terribly wrong to happen, consider making a stand.  “It is my belief that this action is wrong, and therefore to be in integrity with myself, it must not be done.”  Instead of waiting for something terribly wrong to force you to stop, make a choice that this behavior will be changed.

Big change does not have to follow a big problem.  It can start at any time, and it can be empowering to do so.  Oh, and listen to experts when they give you advice. 


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