Be Authentic

As we were on our boat interacting with the whales, the guide told us that we would have more luck if we removed our sunglasses.  It turns out that the whales prefer to see your eyes when they are poking out their heads to be pet.  I found it so interesting that an enormous animal, who will likely never see you again, wants to see as much of you as possible when interacting.

This is a good lesson to take to the rest of life.  If you feel that you are not having results with others, whether it is making friends, romantic relationships, random encounters at the bus stop, or likely even in your career, really decide if people are seeing the real you.  Are you hiding things, hoping that no one finds out about them, or are you completely open and in the moment?  You do not need to spill your entire life story every single time you meet someone new, but more importantly you do not want to find yourself being anything less than authentic.

Be authentic.  Do not hide who you are behind sunglasses, literally or figuratively.  Embrace who you are, and the desired results with others will follow.



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