Excitement Comes From Within You

I remember teaching yoga to a room full of adults, and instructing them to do a backward roll.  Everyone looked at me like I was crazy, then several mentioned possible injury, then one person finally did one, after which a couple more finally followed suit.  Needless to say, a room full of children behaved much differently when asked to do a backward roll.  Usually excitement and laughter will fill the room for quite awhile.  

When we are children, we are naturally excited about things.  So much is new to us, every twist and turn has a life lesson, and we truly do not know what is coming, or even what is next.  As adults, a lot of us lose this excitement.  Maybe we feel like things are routine, or like we have less choice of what is next.  Maybe this transition is gradual, or maybe there is some age after which we don’t default to excitement, but regardless of how and when it happens there is no question that a room full of children has a much different excitement level than a room full of adults. 

One big difference is that children have adults to take responsibility for them. Those of us who are more fortunate not only had adults in charge of our well-being, but we also had adults working hard to make sure we were happy.  This is a huge thing to give up as we become older, we not only lose the natural excitement but we also don’t have people working hard to help us with it.  Today I’m going to remind you that losing this doesn’t mean you have to stop being excited, it only means that you likely have to find the source yourself.  Everyone is capable of generating their own excitement.  Do not blame others around you for not having it, instead do whatever you need to get there.

Excitement comes from within you.  What do you need to get to that place?



One thought on “Excitement Comes From Within You

  1. Hi 🙂

    I love this one! And the last few in particular have been fantastic. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world, David ❤

    Love you!


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