Objects Can Be Great, But They are Objects

This weekend I got a new car after 14 previous years with the same one.  I bought my old car right out of college and I’ve had it ever since.  It was a blast to drive, but more importantly it never broke down once.  When it became clear that its time was running out, I was reluctant, mainly because I felt an attachment to it similar to that I feel to living things.  At the end of the day, a car is an object.  It could break down tomorrow and no actual harm would come to me.  

I contend that a lot of us have objects that we hold in the same regard.  Maybe it’s an outfit, or certain jewelry, or a car of your own.  Whatever the case may be, know that the sentimental value attached to it is completely from you, not from the object.  Objects can always be replaced, hopefully with minimal cost and inconvenience to you, but living things cannot.  Aligning your actions with this belief is not always easy, but it is the choice which has integrity.

Objects can be great, but they are objects.  Know what is most important to you and know what can be replaced if necessary.  




One thought on “Objects Can Be Great, But They are Objects

  1. I replaced every instance of ‘object’ with ‘man’ in this article. Hahah

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