Think About What is Missing

A few years ago I started taking classes in improv comedy.  Here in Baltimore, there is a great organization that has about 100 members and a large number of students paying for these classes.  Eventually as I took more, I found out that it was started 10 years ago by one man. This man really wanted to do it, didn’t see anything like it around, and just created it.  It started in someone’s living room with flyers put all over town by bicycle, now it’s an organization with activities several days a week, and they own\ their own theater.

Something similar happened with one of my sports leagues.  Somebody saw that all the leagues were either super-competitive or not including enough variety, and they started their own company with all types of social sports.  They went from one league to about 10 per season, providing income to the founders and fun to many people.  We can all come up with 100 other examples like this of something that started as a result of a void that someone wanted to fill.

Don’t get caught in the rabbit hole of complaining about what is missing.  In today’s world, there are resources for start-ups, there are ways to reach thousands of people easily, there is really no end to what is possible if someone wants to make it happen.  By making it happen, you not only can fill what is missing for you, there is a good chance that you’ll find many others with the same desire.  And many of these things come with chances for creating more income as well.

Never think what is wrong with a situation.  Think about what is missing.  There’s a big difference, it’s the difference between being a victim and being the creator of your life.


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