If You Want Something, Ask For It

Often we have things we want.  Maybe it is something at work.  Maybe it is something from a romantic partner, or a friend.  Whatever the case may be, you are always permitted to want something.  If you want to receive it, strongly consider asking.  I realize that it would be wonderful if whenever we wanted something, we could snap our fingers and it would happen, but unfortunately the world doesn’t work that way.  People today are very busy, dealing with their own stuff.  While they may care deeply, other people do not always have the bandwidth to ponder your point of view and your desires to the point where they can get it right.  Even if they do have the time, they also lack that all-important ability to read your mind.

If you want something, ask for it.  Without asking, you dramatically decrease your chance of receiving it.  Not because other people don’t care, but because they likely don’t know.


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