Why Bother?

Boundaries are always in the way of things we really want.  It doesn’t matter if what you want is a new career, a new business, an amazing spouse, a better body, or anything.  Whatever it is, there are boundaries, and if these boundaries weren’t in the way then we would already have it.  Waiting doesn’t mean it will be any easier later.  Whatever is in our way now, it will likely be just as bad or worse later.  

You can certainly go through life stopping whenever you see a big boundary.  You can play it safe and not take on things which are likely to fail.  There is nothing technically wrong with doing that.  But if you truly want something big, something which makes you truly believe that you’re making the most of your time on this planet, then you likely will face many boundaries.  You can give up as soon as you realize that your goals will take work, or you can take it head on, likely accepting some risk, but really living at the same time.

Why bother?  Because you only get one chance on this planet.  Play it safe or make great things happen, the choice is yours.  


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