Make it a Win-Win

I often hear from clients and friends who have great lives, but feel pressure when it comes to a certain situation or person.  Maybe it’s certain family with whom they feel a need to drop everything whenever they call.  Maybe it’s a certain co-worker or even a romantic partner in some facet.  Whatever the case may be, think more about making it a win-win.

In order for us to truly be there for others, we need to be in integrity with ourselves.  This means that we care and do what is important for our well-being, even as we are there for others.  While it may be selfless to compromise ourselves for the benefit of someone we care about, it must not come at our expense.  The next time you are going to be in a situation where you need to be there for someone else, decide what your conditions for satisfaction are and make sure they are met.  This isn’t any less selfless, it is just making sure you maintain the strength to be there for others.

Make it a win-win.  Remember we are not on this planet so things can be just ok, or so things can be not so bad while we help others.  We are here to create a great life, and share that with those we love. 


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