Breakdowns Do Not Need to Be Dramatic

Successful people have big commitments. Successful people have goals, and whether they have a plan or not when they make these goals, they find a way to get to them. However, the path is not always easy, breakdowns can happen. In fact, breakdowns are pretty much required, because they happen on paths which aren’t easy, and we don’t become a success by walking down nothing but easy paths.

The next time you experience a breakdown, think about experiencing it without drama. Remember, it is an indication that you have larger commitments, and that you are on the path to being a success. While it needs to be handled and not ignored, it does not mean that you have to give up, or that you have to experience drama. Becoming a success means that you will have breakdowns along the way.

Breakdowns do not need to be dramatic. Remind yourself of your commitments, and get back on the road to get there.


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