Focus On Yourself

In today’s world, with so many electronic ways to keep up with others, many people spend a lot of time doing so. Facebook’s existence has apparently given the appearance that it is important to know exactly what other people are doing at every moment in time. Some phone applications let us broadcast our locations and our activities at all times. The news station on in my gym this morning spent national airtime reading tweets of celebrities as if that was news.

I wholeheartedly apologize that this practice became commonplace in our culture. We hopefully realize by now that just because someone is on television, or even in our government, it does not mean we have to emulate their actions. People are put on television because a television station is a business and it is believed that others will watch, not because it is healthy for us to do so. Our government, elected to make compromises in the best interest of its people, shut down because its members did not want to compromise. While we never know the context that leads to the actions of others, it is hopefully clear that actions of others do not have to be in the foreground of our concerns.
Focus on yourself. You are born with a large amount of power, and nothing gives it away faster than focusing on activities of others.


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