Your Words Have Power

The longer we live, the more conflicts we are likely to have. This does not mean we are doing anything wrong, it just means that we, and others, are living with our own processes. Those we are closest to are likely going to face the most disagreements with us, this is simply because of math. The more time spent together, the more things done together, the more chances for things to not be completely aligned. This is always acceptable, it is part of being alive and having your own beliefs.

When such disagreements occur, discussion is likely to follow. Be careful what is said at these times. What might feel like nothing big to you is in fact a huge deal to someone else, and can stick with them. People do not always hear exactly as you wanted them to hear, they hear what resonates with them. Words can hurt even when you did not intend for them to do so.
Your words have power. Remember this as you speak with people in your life.


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