Your Stories Are Not Your Reality

In our lifetime, many many things will not go as we want them to. Some will be within our control, some will not. Everyone else is occupied with their own life and their own stuff, and while something negative might seem as if it was aimed at you, it almost definitely was not. The bottom line is that you’ll have millions of events in your personal timeline which happened. Beyond that, you also have your story about what happened. This story is completely separate from what actually happened, it is your interpretation.

People living from a victim context tend to have sad stories. Things happened to them. Things would be better if someone wouldn’t have done them wrong. If only someone would stay out of their way, then everything would be easier. Emotion is usually involved in the reporting, as there is often energy with it.
People living at cause are much different with their stories. They tend to report events as they happened with very little emotion, then decide what is missing from a situation. Maybe something was a learning opportunity. Maybe it was part of a greater process towards more greatness. Whatever the case may be, the entire being is different than someone in a victim context.
Your stories are not your reality. Events have very little effect on us, but our interpretation of these events affects us as much as we allow it to do so.


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