Partnership is Always a Good Idea

The longer you spend with another person, the more items you are going to have where you are not in complete agreement. This is true regardless of the strength of the connection or the compatibility, two different people will not always agree. There are many possible courses of action at every disagreement. You can let it go, you can discuss and see if there is a compromise, or you can hope that the other person sees things your way. I am not here to tell you what to do, but I am here to say that a partnership is a good idea.

Let the other person know that you are dedicated to them. Acknowledge that this is part of being alive and being your own person, that you will not always agree. That is the most important thing. There is nothing wrong with saying "I do not see how I am going to agree with you but I still consider us in partnership."

Partnership is always a good idea. Remember that in any type of relationship.


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