Do Not Fear The Transition

A lot of times we want to be somewhere or to have something which will take a transition period to get there, and this transition period is the reason we turn it down. Maybe it’s moving to a new city, or leaving a relationship which isn’t going to work, or starting a new career. All of these things come with a transition period which might have rough points. Breakups aren’t easy, new jobs come with anxiety and unfamiliarity, moving is a miserable experience as a whole when everything you own is put in a box. Full disclosure, this exact kept me from getting a new car for quite awhile, even as my old car needed more and more repairs it was still a better choice to me than sitting at a dealer for a day doing all that paperwork.

Today I will remind you that you should not fear the transition. It is part of the process toward what we really want. By fearing the transition and letting that dictate our actions, we are not empowering ourselves. If the destination is what you truly want, then the transition is always worth it, without exception.

Do not fear the transition. Whatever you want, get it, and let the transition be simply a part of the process into the life of your dreams.


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