Never Create Fear Around Rejection

Yesterday I saw a few interesting situations. One person was afraid to approach a potential romantic interest because she was afraid of rejection. Another person is looking for new clients for her business, but she is also afraid of hearing that awful word of "no" when asking, this takes her to the point of not asking.

The last time I checked, hearing the word "no" does not actually hurt you. The word "no" doesn’t transform from sound waves into a bullet while it is traveling from another person to you. We create our own unfavorable reaction to it. We think that someone else saying ‘no" has something to do with us, and this is what we fear. And we often let that fear hold us back.

Never create fear around rejection. There is no harm at all in being rejected. If you find that fear of hearing "no" is holding you back, then identify what it is really about and decide if you want that to hold you back.


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