Create Value For Others

I end up in a lot of conversations now about coaching, some as the result of this blog and some just through referrals. One thing I eventually learned is that the way to truly connect with people is to create value for them. Saying "I’m a life coach" doesn’t really entice anyone to sign up, unless maybe they are at a real point of desperation. Finding out what someone else is up to, what they would like to be up to instead, and what is in their way of doing that, that is one way to truly connect with somebody. Getting to there usually results in moving forward.

The same thing usually applies to any type of business. Offering a good product alone doesn’t sell to anybody. Getting me to see the problem it solves, or the part of my life it makes better, that is how to make a sale.

There is a lesson to be learned here for everybody. Everyone in this world has a huge desire to be heard, and to be understood. When this happens, we have a huge value created for us. When this is created, we feel a connection. Without it, we often do not. This connection not only satisfies us so we feel good, it opens doors for true relationships which are not opened without.

Create value for others. When you meet people, hear them. Find out what they are up to and aspiring to do. It will make you feel amazing.


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