Rebalance and Refocus

We all have automatic ways of being. These are usually the result of habits, things that we go to automatically because they are comfortable. Maybe this means that whenever something gets tough, you find a reason to quit. Maybe this means that you skip a workout whenever you’re tired. Maybe this means that you instantly transform to defense whenever someone gives you feedback. In any case, note that these automatic ways are our default.

Many of us have much larger commitments. We want to start something big, or be part of a much different relationship than what we had, or we want to leave a certain situation which is not serving us. It is imperative that we make these commitments from our best. Our automatic way of being wants to derail us. It is more comfortable to not be out of our comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with us that this happens as we move toward something much larger, and the only real question is how we respond. We can let our automatic way of being win, or we can choose to be truly great.

Rebalance and refocus. Our automatic way of being will always try to interfere, but we can still respond however we would like to.


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