Live Your Dreams For You

There are a lot of things that become social norms and perhaps do not belong as such. People around us have way more effect on us than we ever realize. Some cultures put divorce on the same level as suicide, believing that you must stay with your partner no matter what. Some cultures think that grown children must live at home until (and in some cases after) being married. I used to work at one place where they told me that the other surrounding companies are "the dark side," and going there would be selling out. Eventually I moved, against the advice of those around me, and I’ve been thankful every single day that I did as I’m now around happy people doing what I love. Anyone who ever started their own successful business likely faced a choice of a "stable" job with a nice salary and benefits, and instead chose to start a business against the wishes of many around them.

You have your own dreams, and your own purpose. If you are truly being you, then nothing will stop you from living your purpose. Unfortunately, social norms discourage it from happening. There may come a time where you have a big decision to make, or want to take a big action, all in the service of you truly being you and living the life of your dreams. People around you may tell you that this decision is crazy, or wrong, and they may tell you what you should do instead, but that does not mean you have to listen.

Live your dreams for you. If that means making a decision which those around you think is crazy, even better. Social norms are not created for you to live your purpose, nor are they created so you can live the life of your dreams. That needs to be created by you.


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