Stop Saying “Fine”

"Fine" is one of the most dangerous words in the English language. My job is fine, my relationship is fine, my body is fine, we all say it but what does that mean? Does it mean that you went to work without catastrophe? Does it mean your body has no major ailments today? The one thing that you likely mean when you say "fine" is that there is no excitement. You certainly wouldn’t want to describe, say, your last vacation with the word "fine," so why use it to describe a much larger part of your entire life?

Take on being excited about your life. Don’t be someone who answers with "fine" when asked how things are. Don’t just create a healthy BMI, create a body that makes you excited to go on a tropical vacation. Find a relationship that has you feeling thankful every single day for its existence. Do the work to create things that don’t have you answering with "fine" when asked how they are.

Stop saying "fine." It likely means you aren’t being honest with yourself, and it almost definitely means you aren’t excited.


One thought on “Stop Saying “Fine”

  1. From this day forward, I will not use the word fine. My goal will be to have experiences, relationships, and employment that stimulate my mind and heart. Thinking about this, reminds me of the expression: “carpe diem; seize the day.”

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