Focus Inward and Everything Around You Will Change

Nature is an amazing thing. Yesterday I saw my first butterfly of the season, and it reminded me of transition. Tadpoles, when turning into frogs, do so very gradually. They continue being swimming creatures while they slowly change, never leaving the comfort zone of the water until they are fully ready.

Caterpillars, when turning into butterflies, are a very different story. They first live like worms, crawling and never leaving one immediate area, until something in nature has them build a cocoon. After sufficient time in this cocoon, they eventually emerge as beautiful flying creatures, knowing how to fly from the second they break out.

Appreciate for a second how amazing this is. A creature who never was anything other than a worm, likely never leaving a certain tree branch, suddenly is a completely different creature with wings, able to fly for thousands of miles. It turns out that even the act of breaking out of the cocoon is difficult for the new butterfly, as they are unfamiliar with their new body. Believe it or not, science has determined that the longer it takes for a butterfly takes to physically break out of its cocoon, the longer it lives as a butterfly. Most of us would likely guess the opposite.

The butterfly is a great lesson to all of us. Maybe there is some aspect of your life where you feel like you are stuck, whether it is in romantic relationships, weight loss, career, or anything. If this describes some part of your life, think of yourself as a caterpillar who only knows one tree branch. Perhaps the solution is to focus inward and make a radical change. Right now it is impossible to imagine that working, but consider the possibility that this is because you are just unfamiliar. A caterpillar certainly doesn’t imagine that flying away is the solution to being stuck on one branch, until it is emerging from its cocoon with wings.

Don’t rule out something radical to really change your world for the better, especially if the little tweaks you are trying have you feeling stuck. If it takes a lot of faith to get to this new place, even better. It may take a lot of hard work and discomfort to get there, but the reward could be enormous. If it fails completely, even the act of trying beats crawling around in circles. I contend that a butterfly never misses being stuck in the body of a caterpillar, even on a bad day.

Focus inward and everything around you will change. Just like a caterpillar could never imagine flying, and building a cocoon certainly doesn’t seem like the way to get there, a caterpillar changes their entire world just by having faith that things will work out. The same can work for us at any time, if we let it.

Thank you everybody for reading! I hope you are still enjoying my posts! Tomorrow I am leaving for another exciting vacation, so I will catch you in June!



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