Stand For Greatness of Others

When someone in your past has done something wrong, intentional or not, it is so easy for us to dismiss them. We can sit here and say "well I gave them a chance and they blew it" or "they were mean to me so why bother." Certainly this is your right as a person, but today I ask you to consider something different.

You never know what led another person to be a certain way at a certain time. You only know part of their experiences, not their context. Instead, consider standing for them anyway. Love somebody and truly say "I am here for you," not "I am here for you even though you did all these things in the past." Everyone in this world does better with encouraging words than with discouraging, be the one who is encouraging.

Stand for the greatness of others. Don’t list reasons to cut them off, and don’t be there despite these reasons. Be there because you truly are greatness yourself.


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