Focus on Your Life

An interesting situation happened last night in basketball. Conditions made for an extremely hot arena, and eventually a star player got cramps to the point where he had to be carried off the court. Immediately, thousands of people were on social media commenting about this, mostly negative directed at the player.

When I was a child, sports were entertainment for a couple of hours. People would watch the game, get into it, and then move on. Now sports are 24-hour entertainment, where not only is the entertainment in the game, but entire networks and social media outlets are dedicated to following the lives of the participants.

Not coincidentally, reality shows are enjoying more and more success. People are getting caught up in the lives of others, and getting the most enjoyment out of negative events. Misfortunes of these reality participants have somehow become major news. Sports are essentially (or perhaps actually) just one more type of reality TV, an outlet for people to discuss the perceived lives of others, and often searching for misfortunes.

If you find yourself being one of these people emitting hate at reality participants, truly spend the time to examine what your payoff is. I apologize that prominent people think that tweeting about leg cramps of a basketball player is productive. My answer to any such person would be exactly the same, decide what the payoff is and if it is truly something you enjoy. You can choose to spend your energy somewhere else, like on building the life of your dreams.

Focus on your life. The negative choices and happenings of others do not affect you, unless you choose to expend your energy to let it.

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