Love and Fear Are The Only Choices

An unlikely inspiration for today’s post comes from Jim Carrey, you can watch the 60-second video here: Jim Carrey Speech

It’s funny how when someone makes a living as a goofy actor, or by playing a sport, or by being a reality television star, we forget what an accomplishment it is to get there in the first place. People at the top of their field, whatever that field may be, made a dream come true. It is likely they even exceeded their dreams over time, just by properly asking the universe for what they wanted.

The message from Jim Carrey is essentially that this moment is all that really exists. The future, the past, they aren’t here right now. In this moment, whatever decision we are making, we can make it from love or we can make it from fear. There are no other choices. Anything you try can succeed or it can fail. You can go all out doing something out of fear of being homeless, fear of not being accepted, or fear of failure, or you can go all out for something you love. So why not do it for something you love?

Love and fear are the only choices. Any choice you make, acknowledge which one is dictating it.


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