You Can Choose Your Results

I still remember in the 90’s, Bill Clinton was considered such a great president and the country was doing so well, then suddenly we all found out he was lying and had an affair in office. Many people decided that everything he did before was null and void, now suddenly that a liar was producing so much greatness. We see this often with companies, for example so many people may get behind a certain charity then when they find out that the people running it aren’t perfect they regret everything that was done.

This happens frequently on a smaller level as well. Maybe you worked somewhere for 5 years and then were laid off. Maybe you had a relationship which was a source of growth and change, but then ended suddenly. A long period of greatness accompanied with one seemingly negative event can happen almost anywhere.

No one person is perfect. No entity or company is perfect. If you really want to dig deep enough, do so and you’ll likely find something you don’t love. That doesn’t mean that you don’t get something great out of the entire experience. When you discover that someone or something you loved isn’t perfect, you don’t have to immediately decide that everything has been a failure. You can still decide that your experience was whatever you wanted it to be.

You can choose your results. While you are justified to choose whatever you’d like, choosing something great is a great option too.


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