Major Announcement

This is a somewhat lengthy post so I’m going to put the bottom line first. I am moving to California. I am leaving behind a life and a job which are both wonderful, because I’m not out to just make things great, I’m out to create the life of my dreams. As my clients and friends will verify, I am about action to create your dreams. I am not about sitting on a couch talking about what I want, or decreasing my wishes until they can be reached with gradual progress.

There were many things on my list of "what to create" over the last two years. Among them were some really far-reaching things. I never dreamed it was possible that I could lead a yoga adventure retreat in an exotic place, but as soon as I authentically put it out there that I wanted to do it, an opportunity surfaced for me.

Coaching really works. Anyone who says "I don’t need a coach" is missing the point. Coaches are for successful people to break down walls, not for people in dire need of help to dig out of huge holes. Coaching will help you determine what you want, inspire you go get it, and create nothing but love for you along the journey. Big decisions often involve leaving things behind, but you life is meant to be lived how you want to live it.

After growing up in New Jersey and not being fortunate enough to travel as a child, I was 31 years old the first time I went to California. I instantly fell in love with the whole state. I loved the weather (especially warm winter!), the overall feel and lifestyle, the local Farmers Markets, and the proximity to the ocean. In fact I almost moved there three years ago, but ultimately had fear of the unknown and instead chose to stay in Baltimore. While Baltimore is wonderful, and my life here is great, I never really lost that love for California. And I came to the decision that I will not be in integrity with myself if I do not get an opportunity to live there at some point.

Concurrently with the arrival at this decision, a wonderful career opportunity appeared for me. I had a list of conditions of satisfaction, and this met all of them plus even more. Obviously this opportunity is the result of hard work, but it is my belief that all the authentic good I have been putting into the universe led to this creation. I specifically asked the universe for something very specific, and it provided rather quickly. I really don’t know how things will go out there, but I’m also not afraid. I know that the important thing is staying in my essence, truly being me, and making decisions from love. Everything else works out around you when the world you created is genuine.

I fully plan on writing again once I am situated out there with internet as I really love writing this blog. And I do still have the intention of eventually writing a book of posts like this, I hope to have that completed in the next two years. Anyone who wants to hold me accountable to that is welcome to do so.

Have a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “Major Announcement

  1. David so very happy for you! I can’t think of a better person for this wonderful opportunity to happen for. You are defiantly right about the fact that sitting around waiting on your dreams to come true is such a waste of time and going after what you want in life should not be so hard to do! as the saying goes “Just do it” I have never been afraid to go after what I really want in life because you will never know if you do not at least go for it! You are also right about people needing a coach, we all need guidance and inspiration at times….God Bless and much success to you. I will be looking for that book…Deb Cheak @ Dr. Manison’s Office

  2. I’m so excited for you, David! You were inspirational the very first time we met and you continue to inspire me by continuously thinking bigger, living your dream life, and not letting fear, skepticism, or negativity impede on your ability to get everything you want out of life! 🙂

    “Coaches are for successful people to break down walls”, “Coaching will help you determine what you want, inspire you go get it, and create nothing but love for you along the journey.”. It’s hard for some people to wrap their brain around this sentiment, even when they see it right in front of them. When we started working together, I was hung-up on a “going nowhere” relationship, had let my weight tip the scales like I never imagined it would, and getting close to being put on a PIP at work. Working with you, now, 7-8 months later, I’m in the best shape of my life, 27lbs lighter, 3 dress sizes smaller, in a loving relationship with the most amazing man I’ve ever been with, and am back engaged and doing well at work while actively starting to consider making some major changes with my career.

    Coaching does work! You’re a testament to that; I’m a testament to that.

    Congratulations on this next big adventure in life! I’m absolutely positive it’s going to be AMAZING!

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