Be Clear About What You Want

Waking up by the beach today made it clear that I truly created what I wanted. I spent a lot of the last year taking on clients and blogging while working at my job, but until now I didn’t fully create what I truly wanted. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I really did have a desire to live near the beach with Southern California weather, and sure enough a great opportunity surfaced for me shortly thereafter.

So many of us get trapped on a treadmill of sorts. We take a job that was less than ideal for us, then spend so much time trying to be the best we can be at that job, eventually we forget what our purpose really is. We have friendships where we know deep down that if we were living in our essence, this person would not be a significant part of our life. But, we don’t make the change for whatever reason, likely because we are deciding from fear.
Two questions I always ask new clients are first, what are your top priorities, and second, if I hired someone to follow you around for 30 days, what would THEY say are your top priorities. Answer this honestly and I contend that there is a difference between the two answers for you. This is why working with a coach can change your life so dramatically. When those two lists are aligned, life is what you want it to be. When they are not, we often have disconnects.
Be very clear about what you want. When you are clear, the universe provides.


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