Compromise Can Be a Win-Win

We often think of compromise in terms of "I give a little, you give a little" until both sides are out of objections. Maybe this works when you are splitting a piece of cake as fairly as possible, but often times you have much bigger decision where this is not possible. Additionally, sometimes it is inevitable that one side gets something way bigger, for example if you are talking about whether or not to make a big move, or to get a dog, or to remodel a kitchen. If one person wants to remodel the kitchen and one does not, the optimal solution is unfortunately not to only remodel half of it.

Today, remember that although creativity might be required to do it, compromising can still happen with any decision. Maybe you remodel your kitchen which comes with a promise of a weekly cooking date upon completion. Maybe you get a dog with a promise of who will take care of certain details. If you are willing to be creative, you can always produce a solution which has both sides excited.
Compromise can be a win-win. Make sure you do not forget this as you make big decisions.


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