Keep Perspective As Much As Possible

Last week was very eventful for me. Moving always has its hiccups, but in one day, I got word that our movers would be late, had a cracked windshield, smoke detectors went off from the shower, and more. While this is not what anyone would call an easy day, ultimately I am still living where I want to live, about to start a job that I manifested by putting my wishes out there to the universe. Maybe I did have a run of bad luck, but my life is still great. I made it that great.
Ultimately, it is not empowering to think of one day, or one week, as a run of bad luck. Whenever you find yourself in this kind of thought pattern, think bigger. Think about what is really happening, not this minute or this week, but in your life. Make a stand for the day that is empowering, instead of negative.

Keep perspective as much as possible. If that means directly avoiding a rabbit hole of bad thoughts, even better. Don’t ditch a great car because of one bad tire.


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