Complete the Past

When there are events in our past for which we are not yet complete, whether someone treated us badly, or we made a bad decision, or we got into a fight, whatever the case may be, it is important to move forward. Even though we may move on or move out, the events within us are still affecting us as we move forward. Completion means forgiving ourselves for what happened and forgiving others who we are making wrong for their roles in past events. It is a very slippery slope to look upon past events as times when someone else was wrong, because this keeps us in a context where we cannot move forward.

Make the choice to let go, and then do whatever work is necessary to get yourself there. Just remember, when you are truly living the life of your dreams, a past event would not hold you back. All you are doing by making yourself or others wrong in your past is ensuring that you won’t get there.
Complete the past. You deserve better than the life that comes by carrying past mistakes with you.

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