Reflections of you are Enormous

Life is filled with highs and lows. Sometimes we have weeks or months where everything is great, sometimes we have weeks or months where nothing goes right. While it would be wonderful if life was nothing but highs, this does not happen. During these times of lows, it is often easy to tell ourselves that we are doing something wrong, or worse yet that we are something wrong. Maybe we are currently unemployed so we call ourselves stupid, or blame ourselves for why things are so. Maybe we are currently out of shape so we call ourselves lazy.

Step into the context and note that life really does have highs and lows. From this place, we can recognize that we are indeed just going through a time which is temporary. Instead of analyzing what is wrong or discussing what we did to get here, just concentrate on being you. Make a stand for the day to be whatever you would be if times were great, and be that for the whole day.
Reflections of you are enormous. What happens today is not a reflection of all of you, it is just what is happening right now. Remember that as you experience all that life has to offer.


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