Take a Step

When we are driving somewhere and hit a fork in the road, one way is "right" and one is "wrong." Going the wrong way will take us away from our destination and be a setback until we correct it. Most things in life, however, do not work like this. We all have many projects in our life. Some are work-related, some are relationship based, or health and fitness based, or maybe we are building something at home. Unlike a fork in the road, it turns out that most steps in life put us toward the destination one way or another. Maybe steps do not move us directly, but very seldom are they setbacks. If your goal is a relationship, you may go on a bad date, but at least you learn more about what you want. Experiences enrich us as does any type of knowledge.
Take a step. If the goal is important to you, take a step toward it every day. Do not worry if the step is "right" or "wrong" because that is not relevant. A step is for you.

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