Think Bigger When You Are Stuck

Often we go through periods where we are caught up in our own stuff. We get stuck in this place where it feels like we can’t do anything right, or things seem to be our fault, or any number of things. Periods like this can last hours or days or even weeks. This pattern happens to all of us at one time or another, but it often the door to a downward spiral, to a place where we really can’t be in our essence.

While it is human nature to occasionally get to this place, it is our decision to let it lead us to a downward spiral or not. To avoid such a spiral, begin to think bigger. Decide who you can help, another way to begin to move forward, or to take any type of step. Anything at all like that is better than being stuck in that type of spiral.
Think bigger when you are stuck. Forgive yourself for being there and just decide the best way out.


One thought on “Think Bigger When You Are Stuck

  1. Divine timing! Always appreciate reminders as such especially right on time when I’m experiencing something similar.Good to know im not alone in my struggle.

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