Be Kind Anyway

When we are in relationships of any kind, the other person will do things we do not love. Co-workers, significant others, friends, roommates, trainers, bosses, they all will do things at times we do not love. One thing I often hear is something to the effect of “they said it in a bad tone so I responded badly” and things often go downhill from there.

Sure, if you ask someone for directions and they snap at you in response, then you have the “right” to be upset. In reality, you always have this right. However, it is still your choice, and I contend it is often not the choice you want to make. Just because someone makes you upset or annoyed does not mean you need to do the same in return.
What if you decided to come from a place of love? What if, with no agenda, you reply to someone who upsets you by being as kind as you can, with no expectation of their response? What if you didn’t reply with upset, even if they “deserve” it? Would that change your life at all? Would it change your interactions for the better or for the worse?
Be kind anyway. You won’t believe how much it can change your life.

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