Do Whatever You Need To Work in Your Essence

When you find something that you truly and honestly love doing, it does not feel like work. This can be much different for everybody. Some people love being off to themselves writing code, some love to be around many other people, and some like to be one-on-one with someone else. All of this is not even mentioning what the actual work may be, needless to say there are big varieties there too.
Researchers have determined that if we do not enjoy what we are doing, we often sabotage it. Often this is not intentional, but indeed over time we do things that keep us from succeeding. Maybe we start showing up late, or forget to bring in something important. Maybe our body sends us the message by taking away our voice before a big presentation. Every single job has red tape that you have to take care of to do the parts you do love, but a good rule of thumb is that if you are not ever excited about what you are doing, then you likely are not in your essence doing it. This is nobody’s fault. This is not a situation where blame needs to be handed out, and you do not need to figure out what is wrong with you that you do not love what you are doing.
Ultimately, when you are doing what you love, your entire opinion of work as a whole can turn around very quickly. If you are not enjoying what you love, then you need to find a way to get there. Life is too short to not be happy for most of your awake time.
Do whatever you need to work in your essence. Be your highest and best at work, whatever it takes, and you’ll find many other things work out.


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