What Do You Want?

Life today can get extremely busy. Jobs have longer and longer hours. Electronics often have us constantly checking, which zaps away our free time. Larger networks means more people are contacting us. Unfortunately, as we get very busy, we often forget what it is we truly want.

Never lose sight of what you want. You are always changing your position in life. Even "not changing" is a change, because everything around you is changing. If your changes are not made with your true goals in mind, you likely are not getting there, no matter how much you wish for it. I wanted to live by the beach in Southern California. Sure, along the way I got busy with work and relationships and lots of other things, but my goal still remained.
What do you want? Identify it and do not forget it, no matter how busy you get. Remind yourself of this goal every day if that is what it takes. Achievement of your goals is always worth it.


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