Make Time for Celebration

This was my birthday weekend. I am in a new place with a new job and a long list of things that need to be done, but we still made time to celebrate. So many times I hear from clients something like "I’ll celebrate when everything is done." Eventually the realization is going to come that "everything" will never be done. There will always be more work, more tasks, more something that has to happen. What if instead you just said that this is a great time to celebrate, and made it happen right now?

Being content with how things are is an entire context, as is not being content. If you find yourself often saying things like "this isn’t done so I can’t be completely happy yet" then I invite you to examine what is involved in that context. Sure I had lots of things to do this week, but celebrating my birthday was still wonderful, and something that I did not want to go without.
Make time for celebration Be excited about how things are whether you think there is a lot more to do or not.


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