Why Bother?

A lot of things we want have big barriers to get there. This is by definition, if there was no barrier then it would be something we have, not something we want. Barriers often make us want to quit, if not immediately then sometime soon after. It is easy to have this reaction. It is comfortable because we know how things will end this way. We know that it will end with us being comfortable and no huge risk taken.

Today I will remind you that there will always be a barrier. Maybe the next time will be slightly easier, but it will always be there. If you are afraid of relationships, there will never be anyone so perfect that you are positive this is the one. If you are looking to move, or to start a new career, there will never be a time where everything is making it obvious that this is the time. But there is always freedom to try it now despite the barriers.
Why bother? Because it will never be easy, but if it is something you truly want then it will always be worth it.


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