Relationships Are A Two Way Street

I ended up watching more reality TV on Monday. The short version of what viewers saw was that a man there was devastated because he thought he was very far along in a relationship with the female contestant, but it turns out she had fallen for the other man. There were certain things that she did and said upon which he put his own meaning, and clearly she had a different idea of what these things meant.

I do have sympathy for the man. Clearly he thought he had more than he did, and was very hurt when he found out he did not. This is very difficult to move forward from, even without millions of viewers talking about it. That being said, a lot of this pain is because he ultimately was not sure about how she felt, and decided that for himself. He was certainly sure how he felt, but apparently she said very little back to him about how she was truly feeling, and he filled in blanks himself. Love has a funny way of making us blind to things like this, but that does not mean we should ignore what the other person is or is not feeling. Without that knowledge, we are not truly in relationship.

Relationships are a two way street. Remember that how the other person feels is just as important as you feel. If you are not positive how they are feeling, ask. Knowing how they are feeling is part of being in relationship.


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