Make Reward a Lifestyle

When we work, we are somewhat motivated by money, but not completely. Obviously it factors in somewhat, if your job stopped paying you and/or came with no prospect of money in the future, then likely you would not show up for long. However, it is not completely the case. If I told you that working a 12-hour day today instead of 8 would mean slightly more pay, then you likely would not take that opportunity. Ideally, we get another type of reward from work as well. There is a challenge of creating something, or doing something, or helping someone, whatever it is we do, a reward comes with that. This is why it is so important to create an opportunity where we are doing something in which we excel. Then, we get to be in our essence when creating our income, and an intrinsic reward comes as well.

The other type of reward which is available can be created by you. This can be a vacation, a beach day, a massage, it all depends on you and perhaps on the size of the accomplishment for which the reward is created. One thing I am often hearing from clients is to the effect of "I will celebrate when I’m done, not sooner." But, it turns out that we are almost never "done." There is always more we can do, this is how a good job is designed. When we let this become our determination of reward, we miss out on rewards completely, which should not be. Instead, think about ways you can reward yourself. Be proud of all accomplishments, make them reason to celebrate.
Make reward a lifestyle. There is always time to do more work and to make more money. Making memories is much more rare.


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