Be Aware Of Automatic Ways of Being

Transitions are wonderful. I have worked with clients who have dramatically changed their entire way of being, as have I. This transition is amazing and leads to great things, something I’m reminded of every time I wake up in Southern California. But once in awhile we can feel ourselves wanting to slip back. Maybe we lost a lot of weight and one day we revert to stress eating. Maybe we learned to be more loving but when our internet is out, it has us lose it. Or to bottom line it, what used to be our automatic way of being still pokes its head through for a tiny bit.
When this happens, just be aware. Its occurrence does not mean anything is wrong, or that we aren’t where we should be. The only it means is that our automatic way of being is still with us, and we have learned for the most part to work past it. When the automatic way of being pokes through, use this as an opportunity to appreciate how far you have come, and keep living where you are living.
Be aware of automatic ways of being. They do still appear after large change, but they do not have to define you.


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