Be Kind

There is a quote which many people seem to be re-posting this week saying “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind.” Every person brings their own experiences, their own ideas, their own wishes and goals to whatever it is they are doing. I find that people who are out of their essence often take opportunities to question why someone else is doing something. They may belong to some group that is completely strange for you, they may eat some food you’d never eat, they may spend their free time doing something you would never do. Whatever the case may be, that is what they decided works for them at this moment in time.
Someone are not necessarily right or wrong just because they made a certain choice, they are just living their life through their context. In that vein, deciding whether you agree or disagree with their choices is not only out of your essence, but by definition it is keeping you in a right/wrong context which we know is very limiting. Be kind. Instead of making judgments about who is making good or bad decisions, concentrate on creating the life of your dreams.


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