Stand For Highest and Best

Everyone gets into funks where they do not want to try to be their best. Sometimes it is brought on by something external like a bad day, sometimes it is brought on by something internal. The thing about these funks is that we have a tendency to try to bring others down with us when it happens.
When someone you know and love is in one of those funks, you always have a choice. When you hear someone who is not taking responsibility or complaining about how things are, you can either join them, or you can stand for their highest and best. The second choice means you let them know that you support them however they are, and you love to see them at their highest and best. This is not a conditional thing, you do not tell them “I will love you as soon as you stop being like this,” instead you love them no matter what.
Stand for highest and best. Be the light which shines in all places and watch how the world around you changes for the better.


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