Moving Heavy Objects is Imperative

Whatever it is we want to create, or be, or have, if we really want it then there are going to be big things in the way. If not, then it wouldn’t be something we want, it would be something we already have. Once these heavy objects are identified, the next step is to decide how they are going to be moved. Without moving them, the item we are committed to does not come. I wanted to move to the beach in California, but it involved leaving a job and a city I love and moving across the country. Eventually I just said I’m tired of looking at obstacles and I’d rather just get what I want. Anyone who has fought cancer can likely tell you the same thing, treatment is not exactly easy but the obstacles are worth it for the goal.
I often see people committed to something big, but then they identify the obstacle and suddenly there is a lot of difficulty. A strong person is able to move heavy objects, so make the decision of whether or not you want to be today. Strength is a wonderful quality, if you are fortunate enough to develop it then be strong enough to put it to use.
Moving heavy objects is imperative. Decide what you really want, what is in your way, and then be strong enough to make it move.

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