Love is Unconditional

We had a wonderful addition to the family on Sunday. While he still does not have a name, this baby has been our world for the last two days. It warms our heart to see when he is happy and excited, and we want nothing but the best for him. What we are really feeling is true love. Hopefully he learns to eliminate outside our house instead of occasional accidents, and hopefully he will require less supervision at some point in the future. But he will always be loved regardless.
Keep this in mind when you think about loving others. The number one rule of love is that it does not go away when the other does something you do not like. We just let him know that he is supported, that we will work with him on fixing his accidents, and that he is loved either way. Somehow this is so easy with animals, but it does not always happen regarding humans.
Love is unconditional. To truly be love, remember this regardless of the actions of others.


6 thoughts on “Love is Unconditional

  1. Very good question! You can still love somebody even if that is their choice! In fact I think that can be very therapeutic! Just because you love somebody and they leave does not mean you need to instantly hate them. What if instead you acknowledged that you love them regardless of this choice, and moved forward from there? What would that make possible?

  2. Even though your wonderful post is referencing the love you have for your new, adorable puppy (who is very cute) it has a deeper meaning that all of us can employ in our daily loves and that is this: love is unconditional; that it is not based upon the behavior of another. This is empowering to consider because there is a common misnomer in society that you can only love those who are loving you. Thanks for the loving reminder. I will post this on my Facebook page for all to read.

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