Communicate Your Context

Every time we let the dog onto our porch, he darts for the flowers. Without precaution, he will take a big bite and enjoy chewing it for the next several minutes. While we very much do not appreciate this, he has no idea he is doing something which we do not like.

This happens a lot among people as well. Certainly we will hear stories about different cultures with different beliefs, but we also hear it among friends. Someone may do something which bothers you, but the friend no idea that it does. And often we get upset about such an action without even communicating to the other person that it bothers us. Instead of getting upset, take this as an opportunity to communicate what it is that you like and don’t like about what just happened, and try to do so from a loving place.

Communicate your context. Just because something may upset you does not mean that anyone meant to do so.


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