Creating Breakdowns

When I was living in Baltimore, I really had no complaints. I had a great job and really enjoyed a lot of things about it. However I always wanted to live by the beach in Southern California. It often seems to be programmed into many people that something has to be "wrong" to move on. We cannot leave a romantic relationship unless there is a clear issue which we can point to and say it wasn’t working. Moving is only the right decision if we need to move. My gym is ok so I don’t need to try a new workout. All of these things are certainly valid, and maybe they are the best decision. However, in order to live the life of your dreams, sometimes we do have to leave behind things which are working well. Breakdowns are often looked at as bad things, but in many cases the opposite is even worse.

Creating breakdowns is not always a bad thing. Safe decisions are safe, but safe is not always what is best.


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